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Courses meeting Florida Requirement: Domestic Violence

  • Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage and Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling
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    • 50-315
  • 30 CE Credit hours required every 2 years — All 30 may be earned with
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This course is a systemic review of international studies of cognitive behavioral group therapy for male perpetrators of intimate partner violence. It includes some studies of individual CBT, participants in...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
Without effective intervention, children who grow up in homes affected by domestic violence and abuse are at risk of poor outcomes across the lifespan. The primary aim of this review...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This webinar is one in a series of educational videos for professionals presented by the Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence as part of the Integrative Services Project. This course discusses...  Read More
Recorded Webinar
This course examines the use of the J-IPV screening tool. It was developed for real-world practice with a realistic test time. It is self-administered as part of a structured interview...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This course discusses intimate partner violence (IPV) in the golden years. It examines both risk and protective factors throughout aging. Some risk factors vary by race and ethnicity, while other...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This course examines the best practice for providing domestic violence services through evaluation and empowerment to address intimate partner violence. The authors discuss The Empowerment Model they created, and its...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This article examines how domestic violence impacts the lives and education of young children, children, and young people and how they can be supported within the education system. Schools are...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
Domestic violence and abuse (DVA) is a common violation of human rights that damages physical and mental health. DVA can be physical, sexual, psychological and economic, perpetrated by a partner,...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
Over the past few decades, the causes of and intervention for intimate partner violence (IPV) have been approached and studied. This paper presents a narrative review on IPV occurring in...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
This study describes the variation in severity of elder emotional abuse, physical abuse, and neglect and identify risk factors associated with more severe forms of elder mistreatment (EM). This is...  Read More
Reading-Based Online
Intimate partner violence (IPV) refers to physical violence, sexual violence, psychological aggression (including coercive tactics, such as limiting access to money), or stalking by a person with whom one has...  Read More
Reading-Based Online

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