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Rave feedback...

Here are a random sampling of some of the thousands of feedback messages we have received over the past few years. (Emphasis is from the member, not from us.)

WOW! That was a truly amazing turn-around! Thanks very much for the extremely prompt scoring and reply with a certificate of credits. I’m impressed!

Douglas, New York

Your website is wonderfully structured. The examination process is simple, quick, but thorough. Thanks.

Michael, OH

Thanks so much for allowing me to participate in your super website. I have told EVERYONE in the counseling field that they need to use your site for ceus. As you know, it is my favorite!

Sherry, NC

WOW!! Very easy access. Very useful information. Incredibly convenient. Wonderful choice of topics. I will definitely do this again. Thanks!!

Vivian, New Mexico

Wonderful program. Excellent materials, well-designed test, on-line test format put together exceptionally well. Will definitely plan to use this site again for future CE requirements.

Eulalee, South Carolina

The course was just the review and update that I needed. The website was perfectly designed and easy to use. Thanks for lightening my CEU load in such a pleasant way!

Susan, WA

I have used ____ courses in the past and I will never do so again. Your course(s) and exams are incredibly superior to the ____ ordeal. Thank you!

Michele, TX

You clearly have an AWESOME collection of material.


Thank you so much. Never before have I seen such wonderful material all in one place. I plan to take every advantage I can of your special offer. Please don’t discontinue this. Thanks again.

Barbara, IN

This was a very positive experience. I’ve used numerous distance learning courses, and your company provides the best services I’ve found. Thank you.

Susan, AK

I am legally blind and hard of hearing and I appreciated being able to take the home study program at my pace and in a way I can best see and understand.

Ruth, MD

This was quick, inexpensive and I learned more about the actual skills I can incorporate into therapy than at most workshops.

Melissa, FL.

Glad I have this option. it has saved me alot of time since I was very ill and had limited time to get CE credits

Joycinth, IN

Your website offers an interesting array of courses. The site was very user friendly.

Huntersville NC

I have never seen a website set up so easy to follow and informative! Great Job – I will share it with all of my friends in my parish.

Kelly, LA

Hi! Love your site…it makes it so easy to obtain CE credit!


This was great. I need 30 hours to reinstate my LCSW, in order to be considered as an officer in the US Air Force medical Corp.

Randy, IL.

Thanks, as always, for an interesting issue. I really enjoy reading through them and picking up come good tips.


This has been one of most well organized and useful classes I have ever taken and with 2 masters, believe me, I have taken quite a few! Thanks for your professionalism and for your effectiveness.

Faye, IN

Excellent all around. I work in Germany and earning CEU’s is most difficult. Also-this topic was very helpful and I can apply it to my daily work.

Margaret, Germany

This is a very effective, efficient way for me to learn about isses related to my profession. I will apply this knowledge to my practice as a school psychologist, without a doubt.

Peggy, CA

I have done several of your continuing education home study programs and find the quality of your offerings to be consistently excellent. I will look forward to doing further courses with you.

Eulalee, SC

Thank you for making this type of program possible!!! Very efficient and helpful.

Charles, TX

This was a fantastic way for me to earn ceus. i am currently a full-time parent & going to workshops just does not work for me.

Cathrine, IA

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