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Rave feedback...

Here are a random sampling of some of the thousands of feedback messages we have received over the past few years. (Emphasis is from the member, not from us.)

Thank you so much for increasing the number of available courses relevant to domestic violence, barterer’s intervention, anger management, and co-occurring disorders involving violence. Very happy with courses off erred and I absolutely learn with this material and excellent authors and researchers.


Utilizing to complete my CEU requirements was a pleasure. I was able to fulfill all the requirements in a relatively short time. The experience was not only painless, it was actually enjoyable. I learned a lot from each course. I will recommend CE-Credit.Com to others. Thank you!


I work in a state prison and this course was excellent. The all male prison in which I work, is striving to incorporate self-esteem building in different treatment groups. This study confirms what has been reported to us by the inmates regarding their relationship with father in the family.


Regarding the course Adult Men's Self-Esteem: The Relationship With the Father

I would like to thank you so much for your fast response and assistance with saving test information. I am impressed at your quick response especially for a Friday afternoon/evening. I have been and will continue to recommend to other professionals I know. Thank you again


Excellent material. CE Learning Systems is such a contribution to Continued Education for counselors. Thank you for the excellent work you do in providing this context for keeping up with new models of treatment as well as the research allowing us to generate better treatment.


I am thrilled that you offer such a non-complex way to gain continued knowledge of such a wide variety of subjects. I am considering moving into a new line of employment (dealing with seniors) and need to present some form of continuing educations proof. Thanks a million!


Thank you for getting right back to me. I just wanted to make sure I wasn’t seeing things :} :}…. I love that you have these programs available for us on line. It’s great. I work in a Prison and it is hard to get away for trainings. Thanks again and have a bless day.


I have used other sites and keep coming back to yours. It is very professionally done and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a high quality learning experience coupled with a low stress way of meeting continuing education requirements. Thank you for a job well done.


This was fantastic. What a wonderful way to get my CE’s. Convenient, easy, understandable, and the reading material is great. Thank you for offering such a program and website. I will definitely use this again, and will definitely pass the word around my organization.


It is a pleasure to do business with you. Informative and exceedingly worthwhile. I know I am one of your oldest clients (and I do mean old both ways.) This is by far the best way, and most beneficial educationally, to do continuing education. Thanks for being there.


I not only recommend to others but will renew my membership. I especially appreciate the ease with which I can navigate your website, the very appropriate materials and courses and the great value offered during these tough economic times. Thank you.


Of all the online and offline CE providers, I like yours the best!! I can use a book I want to read anyway and get credit at the same time. Your breadth of selections is outstanding and your prices are excellent. I will use your site every time I need CE credits.


Your company is a life saver! I pay for the Unlimited Package for all of our agency’s employees. There is NO OTHER continuing education credit option that bests yours. Your willingness to add topics that we need for specialized licensure is unrivaled. Thank you!


Wow, are you guys good! My observation (read that complaint) was intended to help others who come after me. To receive the benefit of the increased hours myself is an unexpected and wonderful surprise. And I’ll go back and give that article more time. Thank you!


I really enjoy your courses and find them well written and easy to complete. The books I’ve ordered have shipped quickly, which allows me to start the course. Printing the exam is also very easy. Thank you for providing this wonderful service. Sincerely,


Thanks. Its working great now. Please let staff know that I think
This service is fabulous. I appreciate the fact that you are offering CEUs
on the books, journals, and other information vehicles that I regularly
use/consume. Keep up the good work.


I thoroughly enjoyed this material. I found myself discussing it with family as I read, with colleagues and in therapy sessions. I so appreciate this avenue for study. I know I personally put by far more effort in than I have done at times in a workshop.


Regarding the course Authentic Happiness: Using the New Positive Psychology...

Once again, I am appreciative for being able to take courses through I learn so much that I often go beyond the number of hours that I need. Thank you for making this available to all of us who have to earn continuing education hours.


Once again, I am appreciative for being able to take courses through I learn so much that I often go beyond the number of hours that I need. Thank you for making this available to all of us who have to earn continuing education hours.


Thank you very much for your prompt response and for already processing the refunds. Both my wife and I continue to find CE-Credit very user friendly, financially affordable and very thorough. The web site is very well constructed and easy to use.


I love your website. I was dreading my coursework, but your website makes it fun and I realized I have a few books already that I really like, so I can “test” my knowledge and use the information for the requirements, too. That was really a treat!


I would like to express my sincere gratitude for such a wonderful course that helped me to understand better the DSM-5. I enjoyed the author’s approach and his easy way explaining how he arrived to diagnosing the patients portrayed in the book.


Regarding the course Screening and Assessment (TAP 11, Chapter 4): Treatment for Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse: Opportunities for Coordination (TAP 11)

This Course was excellent. The information was presented clearly and I learned a lot.The topics were presented in a way that I found very relevant and interesting. I an quite pleased with my decision to try CE Credit. I am now a loyal customer.

Regarding the course Reducing Medical Errors and Improving Patient Safety: Success Stories from the Front Lines of Medicine

As a professor, author and editor, I am not easily impressed. However, your consistent attention to individual and professional needs is rare. You earned my trust many years ago by offering what I need, but mainly through your ethical conduct.


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