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Courses meeting Pennsylvania Requirement: Suicide

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This is a six module course that covers the stages of crisis to postvention. The material will include: how to identify a crisis, conduct a suicide assessment, document your sessions,...  Read More

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Recorded Webinar
This text describes behavior change through the demonstration of behavioral skills targeting identified skill deficits that contribute to and sustain suicidal crises. In Brief Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (BCBT), the clinician teaches...  Read More

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Book E-Library
This document provides an overview of the importance, the effectiveness, and the evaluation of treatment programs with empirical evidence for treatment of youth with suicidal/self-harming behaviors This course is based...  Read More

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Reading-Based Online
The current study is an overview of systematic reviews concerning evaluation of any preventative or therapeutic intervention on suicidal ideation or self-harming behaviors in children/adolescents. Several preventative or therapeutic interventions...  Read More

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Reading-Based Online
This article presents a pragmatic approach to assessing and managing suicide risk in children and adolescents. First, general recommendations for conducting risk assessments with children and adolescents are presented, followed...  Read More

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Reading-Based Online
Suicidal thought and non-suicidal self-harm are common in adolescents. Though both are strongly associated with suicide attempts, most adolescents who admit these indicators do not attempt suicide. This article explores...  Read More

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Reading-Based Online
This research article uses a systematic review of research on the efficacy of treatment for self-harm behavior and suicide attempts as well as depression in adolescents. The study examines variations...  Read More

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Reading-Based Online
This workshop was designed to illustrate and discuss what is known, what is currently being done, and what needs to be done to identify and reduce suicide risk among people...  Read More

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