Through Time in to Healing

About the Course:

This book provides a basic introduction to the role of hypnosis in regression therapy. The author describes regression therapy and discusses how he has used it to help his patients transform the pain of past trauma into potential for living life more fully. If you wish to learn more abut regression therapy, this book will provide a good starting point.

Publication Date:

1st Edition


By Brian Weiss, M.D.

About the Author:

Brian Weiss, M.D. is a psychiatrist in private practice in Miami, Florida. He is a graduate of Columbia University and Yale Medical School.

Course Objectives:

  1. to understand the role of hypnosis in regression therapy

  2. to be able to discuss the contributions and limitations of hypnosis and regression therapy in helping clients heal from a variety of problems

  3. to be able to describe some of the common experiences reported by people who have had regression therapy as part of their therapeutic process

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