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Retired Courses has offered over a thousand CE courses over the years. We update our offerings regularly.
This is a list of courses that are no longer available. We have 532 courses available currently.

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Course ID Title Credits Format
103147 Ethics & Cultural Diversity Training: Patient Abandonment and Cultural Humility, Best Practices: Meets ethics requirement for NY Psychologists Retired 3 Recorded Webinar
103067 Biomarkers of Pathological Dissociation Retired 1 Recorded Webinar
103061 Screenagers Next Chapter Retired 1 Recorded Webinar
103060 Screenagers: Growing Up in The Digital Age Retired 1 Recorded Webinar
103059 Trauma-Informed Therapy With Transgender Individuals Retired 1.5 Recorded Webinar
103043 Co-Occurring Disorders: Integrated Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use and Mental Disorders: Sections 2 and 3 Retired 8 Book
102984 Co-Occurring Disorders: Integrated Assessment and Treatment of Substance Use and Mental Disorders: Section 1 Retired 6.5 Book
102982 DSM-5 Insanely Simplified: Unlocking the Spectrums within DSM-5 and ICD-10 Retired 7 Book
102979 Is That Mine Or Yours? Recognizing and Bringing to Consciousness the Client’s Untold Story Retired 1.5 Recorded Webinar
102965 Is Mentalization-based Therapy Effective in Treating the Symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder? A Systematic Review Retired 1.25 Reading-Based Online
102948 Patients’ Experiences of Web- and Mobile-Assisted Group Therapy for Depression and Implications of the Group Setting: Qualitative Follow-Up Study Retired 1.5 Reading-Based Online
102947 The Multiple Self-States Drawing Technique: Creative Assessment and Treatment With Children and Adolescents Retired 5.5 Book
102935 Ethics and Underserved Populations Retired 1.75 Reading-Based Online
102923 Overview of Established Modifications of EMDR Therapy for Dissociative Disorders Retired 3 Recorded Webinar
102916 Helping Challenging Trauma Clients to Open Up: What Have We Learned? Retired 1.5 Recorded Webinar
102912 Key Substance Use and Mental Health Indicators in the United States-Results from the 2018 National Survey on Drug Use and Health Retired 8 Reading-Based Online
102871 Protective Factors for Sexual Violence: Understanding How Trajectories Relate to Perpetration in High School Retired 1.25 Reading-Based Online
102865 Gaslighting Retired 1.5 Reading-Based Online
102862 The Gay Man’s Experience During the AIDS Epidemic and How It Impacted Community Trauma Retired 1 Recorded Webinar
102855 An MHealth Intervention for the Treatment of Patients With an Eating Disorder: A Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial Retired 1 Reading-Based Online

Showing 1–20 of 792 courses

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