Violence in Gay and Lesbian Domestic Partnerships

About the Course:

Violence in Gay and Lesbian Domestic Partnerships recognizes the growing official recognition of domestic violence within lesbian and gay relationships as a social problem worthy of serious attention and intervention. This book is unique in that it is the only book available which comprehensively addresses the social service needs of gay and lesbian domestic violence victims and perpetrators. The contributors give specific suggestions to improve service providers’ responses to gay and lesbian victims of domestic violence.


Edited by Claire M. Renzetti, Ph.D., and Charles Harvey Miley, Ph.D.

About the Author:

Claire M. Renzetti, Ph.D., is Professor and Chair of Sociology at St. Joseph’s University, Philadelphia. She is Editor of the journal “Violence Against Women”, and Co-editor of the Sage Violence Against Women book series. She has authored or co-authored six books and numerous book chapters and journal articles, primarily in the areas of same-sex domestic violence, violence against women, the sociology of gender, and researching sensitive topics.

Charles Harvey Miley, Ph.D., was educated at George Peabody College, Baylor University, and Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He is Professor Emeritus, Department of Psychology, Aurora University, Aurora, IL. Over the years he has maintained an active clinical practice involving cases of domestic violence, both heterosexual and homosexual. He has taught courses in gender studies and men’s issues. He is a member of the National Organization for Men Against Sexism (NOMAS) and President of the American Men’s Studies Association (AMSA).

Course Objectives:

  1. to learn more about factors unique to same-sex domestic violence

  2. to examine an interdisciplinary approach to controlling same-sex domestic violence, including social, cultural, and psychological contexts

  3. to gain specific advice for improving service providers’ responses to gay and lesbian victims of domestic violence

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