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Courses meeting Florida Requirement: Domestic Violence

  • 50-315

24 CE credit hours required every 2 years — 24 may be earned with

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Violence Against Older Women 3 credits

A systematic review of qualitative literature

This course explores the nature and dynamics of interpersonal violence (IPV) against older women from their perspective. The researchers conducted a systematic review of qualitative literature. Central themes include the...  Read More

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Domestic violence and abuse (DVA) is a common violation of human rights that damages physical and mental health. DVA can be physical, sexual, psychological and economic, perpetrated by a partner,...  Read More

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Elder Abuse Severity 1 credit

A Critical but Understudied Dimension of Victimization for Clinicians and Researchers

This study describes the variation in severity of elder emotional abuse, physical abuse, and neglect and identify risk factors associated with more severe forms of elder mistreatment (EM). This is...  Read More

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