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Approval in Puerto Rico

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  • 45 CE credit hours required every 3 years — 39 may be earned with
Junta Examinadora de Psicólogos / Examining Board of Psychologists has special CE requirements. Those requirements are listed below.

Applies To:

  • Puerto Rico Psychologists

45 horas, de estas 6 (mínimo) tienen que ser presenciales.
Puede presentar 39 horas por modulo, revista o internet. Estas se desglosan del a siguiente forma:
Cursos compulsorios.
• 3 Horas en Control de Infecciones- (Tuberculosis, HIV (SIDA), Hepatitis) Orden
Adm. 74
• 2 Horas (mínimo) Covid 19 – desde marzo 2020
• 2 Horas Competencia Cultural en los Servicios a la Población LGBTTIQ (Aplica del 2022 en adelante) Orden Adm. 2018-398
• 6 Horas en Asuntos Éticos, Legales y Profesionales de la Psicología en PR. Este curso se presenta de forma presencial.
• 18 horas en su área de práctica profesional.
Nuestras disculpas, los cursos aquí en se presentan solo en inglés.

45 hours, of these 6 (minimum) have to be face-to-face.
You can present 39 hours per module, magazine or internet. These are broken down as follows:
• 3 Hours in Infection Control- (Tuberculosis, HIV (AIDS), Hepatitis) Order
Adm 74
• 2 Hours (minimum) Covid 19 – from March 2020
• 2 Hours Cultural Competition in Services to the LGBTTIQ Population (Applies from 2022 onwards) Adm. Order 2018-398
• 6 Hours in Ethical, Legal and Professional Affairs of Psychology in PR. This course must be presented face-to-face.
• 18 hours in your professional practice area.

Board Contact Info
787-999-8989, X6588

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