Selecting Process Measures for Quality Improvement in Mental Healthcare

About the Course:

This course is designed to help mental healthcare professionals and organizations to identify and select measures meeting their needs for use in quality assessment and improvement activities. The course materials focus on process measures, a type of quality measure that evaluates components of the interaction between the healthcare system and consumers of mental healthcare. Topics include principles underlying quality improvement, characteristics of process measures, and how quality measures can be used in conjunction with other types of quality measurement. References and listings additional sources of information are included.


Center for Mental Health Services, SAMHSA

Publication Date:

July 2002


Hermann, Richard C., M.D., M.S., et al.

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for health care professionals, especially psychologists, counselors, social workers, and nurses who seek knowledge about measures designed to assess quality in mental healthcare delivery. It is appropriate for all levels of participants’ knowledge.

Course Objectives:

  1. Identify principles of quality improvement and process measures used in mental healthcare quality improvement.

  2. Describe considerations to be used in selecting quality control measures.

  3. Compare and contrast the items in the inventory of quality measures and evaluate the quality management infrastructure presented.

  4. Explain how process measures can be integrated with other types of quality assessment.

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