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Approval in Kentucky

Kentucky Board of Nursing CE Information

  • 50-315

14 CE credit hours required every year — 14 may be earned with

Applies To:

  • Kentucky Nurses

One time requirement:
Suicide Prevention A minimum of 2 contact hours in suicide prevention which includes: 1 contact hour in suicide prevention generally; and 1 contact hour that addresses: Chronic toxic stress and secondary traumatic stress potentially increasing the incidence of suicide amongst nurses; A confidential and standardized pathway to care for nurses that addresses screening, assessing, safety planning, referrals, and follow-up for nurses at risk for suicide; Systems of care, evidence-informed approaches, and best practices to reduce suicide rates; and Ethical legal considerations for caring for patients and nurses who are suicidal.

Implicit Bias

A minimum of 1.5 contact hours in implicit bias that addresses: The impact of historical racism and other forms of invidious discrimination on the provision of healthcare; Methods of evaluating the presence and extent of implicit bias; and Measures that may be taken to reduce implicit bias.

All APRNs are required to complete at least 5 contact hours in pharmacology every earning period.
APRNs Advanced Practice Registered Nurses with a CAPA-CS are required to complete at least 1.5 of contact hours in the dual subjects of pharmacology and either pain management, or addiction disorders, every earning period

APRNs with a DEA-X Registration: Complete a total of four (4) contact hours annually in addiction disorders, and 1.5 contact hours in the dual subject of pharmacology addiction disorders. Hours earned in pharmacology addiction disorders may be applied to the five (5) pharmacology hours required for all APRNs

Board Contact Info

Kentucky Board of Nursing
KBN Office: 502-429-3300 or 1-800-305-2042 (Toll-Free)

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