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Rave feedback...

Here are a random sampling of some of the thousands of feedback messages we have received over the past few years. (Emphasis is from the member, not from us.)

This site is great! I like the fact that I will be able to get my certificate immediately following taking the exam and getting my results and it was all done on-line and no faxing or mailing was necessary. This site has so many interesting topics to choose from also. I would be interested in finding out if or when you could take suggestions on other books or courses that you currently don’t offer.


Excellent website; easy to locate courses, no problems with signing up or registering, and the content is very good. This is a terrific website with good prices and high quality educational content.


This was my first online CEU experience. I appreciated the opportunity to familiarize myself with the course materials at my pace, on my time. The online process also benefits my clients because I do not have to be absent from treatment activities to learn new concepts. I am using a combination of both online work and “in-seminar” work. Keeping networked with my peers is also critical.


Great course!!!!!! Highly Pleased with this online program!!!!!!!!!!!


You have the best system available.


I find your to be by far the most user-friendly of the online CE program providers.


Thanks for being there for the busy professional! Your convenient, low cost, yet professionally delivered courses are greatly appreciated.


I am so thankful I was introduced to this website!!


I would like to express my sincere gratitude for such a wonderful course that helped me to understand better the DSM-5. I enjoyed the author’s approach and his easy way explaining how he arrived to diagnosing the patients portrayed in the book.


Thank you for the opportunity to complete my required CE’s on my own time. With a busy practice and a family this has been a life-saver.


CE-CREDIT is my FAVORITE online source for all my requirements!


I will continue to use this website for future continuing education requirements. Thank you for providing the ability to learn and complete the necessary requirements at home – and at a reasonable price!


Regarding the course Unmasking Psychological Symptoms: How Therapists Can Learn to Recognize the Psychological Presentation of Medical Disorders

This is an absolutely great course and should be required for all clinical


Excellent and efficient CE system, you’ve “sold me” as a potential customer!


As a professor, author and editor, I am not easily impressed. However, your consistent attention to individual and professional needs is rare. You earned my trust many years ago by offering what I need, but mainly through your ethical conduct.


Of all the online and offline CE providers, I like yours the best!! I can use a book I want to read anyway and get credit at the same time. Your breadth of selections is outstanding and your prices are excellent. I will use your site every time I need CE credits.


I appreciate your professionalism and high standards and have yet to take a course in which I feel I haven’t learned exactly what was promised!


I love earning my CEU’s through your program. You offer terrific courses and I learn so much. The testing procedure is enjoyable and efficient. Thank you for creating yourself.


Your company is a life saver! I pay for the Unlimited Package for all of our agency’s employees. There is NO OTHER continuing education credit option that bests yours. Your willingness to add topics that we need for specialized licensure is unrivaled. Thank you!


What a fantastic service! I can’t thank you enough for providing this service and for ensuring that the courses are accepted for my credentialing.


You provide a great and professional service.


First time using your service, very impressed and will use again as well as recommend it to my peers. Thank you for making what can be quite a stressful undertaking and making it just the opposite!


I have received your e-mail. Thanks. I think the best of your service is: I know your support is right HERE! I know I can count on you when I need you.


I love being able to take courses through I learn so much, and I am able to reference the material again, from time-to-time. Thank you for making this available.


Love the ease and convenience of your online courses, not to mention the money I save by not having to leave home!


This is so awesome and incredible! thanks for this service!!! you all rock!


I have two masters and your courses are right up there as some of the best and most useful I have ever taken! Thank you for your competence.


I will be taking more of these courses. I will recommend them to my friends. I have a brochure and will show it to my coworkers who are CDP’s.


I am very happy to find this site. I work for a company that does not pay for your CEU“S so this is very convenient and at a low cost that I can afford. Thank you so much and I will probably be one of your yearly customers.


I am a licensed, Ph.D. clinical psychologist and I have been using CE-Credit for my continuing education requirements since 2004 because they are simply the best!


I love your website. I was dreading my coursework, but your website makes it fun and I realized I have a few books already that I really like, so I can “test” my knowledge and use the information for the requirements, too. That was really a treat!


I have been reading an article each night. This is no longer a task to fulfill a requirement; it is fun, and I gain a lot of knowledge.


Regarding the course Turn Box Office Movies Into Mental Health Opportunities: A Literature Review and Resource Guide for Clinicians and Educators

I have been taking a lot of on-line CEU lately. This was really the BEST one! No joke. I learned things that I will use at work this week. Thanks for this. :)


Once again, I am appreciative for being able to take courses through I learn so much that I often go beyond the number of hours that I need. Thank you for making this available to all of us who have to earn continuing education hours.


Thank you for providing a user friendly site that contains appropriate and valid learning materials.


Once again, I am appreciative for being able to take courses through I learn so much that I often go beyond the number of hours that I need. Thank you for making this available to all of us who have to earn continuing education hours.


Thanks so much for the reminder. I’ve really enjoyed working with and the care and consciousness that you bring to it.


Thank you. Your website is excellent, and has everything I need to complete the necessary CEUs for my licensing and renewals. I am glad I found you.


Thanks again for this opportunity. I did not think I would like it, but comparing it to one of the last workshops I attended, your on-line course was far superior.


I really enjoyed the thorough content and style of questioning! Thanks! A++


I continue to be very pleased with the course options, the test taking process, and all aspects of; most especially the value of the unlimited package. I have let many of my collegues know about you! Thank you!


CE-Credit. com has afforded me the opportunity to gain up to date professional information. The format and service are excellent. Thanks.


I just want to let you know I love! I recently moved from Virginia to California and found the board here will look at all the CEU courses I’ve taken. They accept AND I was able to get a printout of all the courses I’ve taken online, plus the courses I’ve taken elsewhere. You are fantastic – one thing that has made this move a little easier.


I not only recommend to others but will renew my membership. I especially appreciate the ease with which I can navigate your website, the very appropriate materials and courses and the great value offered during these tough economic times. Thank you.


Thank you guys for having such a convenient, easy way to get credits! I don’t have to drive, I can do it from work or home, plus I can print the study materials to use for references. I love the fact you tell me which ones I miss and give me the correct answer. I’ve used an online site before and they did not do this. I want to actually learn, but I can’t without the answers! Thank you for doing such a great job!!! I’ve told a lot of people about your site and how awesome it is!


I really appreciate getting in touch with a real person who gave me the perfect help I needed today on the phone—on a Sunday. This was service par excellence. Thank you.


Your courses are a great value!! Plus, much more convenient than setting through a long day when you have a very bad back. I enjoy the opportunity to read the course materials and taking the test at my leisure.


Easily accessible information/credits and I LOVE that you show whether or not it is approved by our local boards!!


Excellent offerings at a reasonable price. Keep this up and you will drive your competitors out of business.


I will definitely take more classes. The format is excellent and it is time well spent.