The Angry Self: A Comprehensive Approach to Anger Management

About the Course:

In a time when high-quality anger management and violence prevention programs are in not demand, Dr. Gottlieb delivers with a superb and clearly written workbook that can greatly benefit therapists in the trenches and the clients they treat. Her book is filled with practical tools that can successfully empower clients to gain better control of their anger.


Mariam M. Gottlieb. Ph.D.

About the Author:

Dr. Gottlieb received her Ph.D. in counseling from the University of Maryland in 1981. Since that time, she has provided counseling services to a large variety of populations in a number of settings, ranging from correctional institutions to private practice. She was the Chief Treatment Psychologist at a juvenile rehabilitation facility, Clinical Director for a group home agency, and consultant for several school districts. Currently Dr. Gottlieb focuses her attention on her private practice and on teaching graduate students at the University of Phoenix.

Course Objectives:

  1. to be able to apply cognitive-behavioral strategies to identify and restructure thinking patterns that precipitate or maintain anger

  2. to be able to apply Ericksonian principles to motivate clients to address anger issues

  3. to be able to acquire a cohesive course of action to help clients break their cycles of anger

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