Ethical implications of the decision to end treatment in treatment refractory anorexia nervosa

Volume 43 and Issue 4

About the Course:

The concept of medical futility is accepted in general medicine, yet little attention has been paid to its application in psychiatry. We explore how medical futility and principles of palliation may contribute to the management of treatment refractory anorexia nervosa.

Publication Date:

May 2010


Amy Lopez, LCSW; Joel Yager, MD; Robert E. Feinstein, MD

Recommended For:

This course is recommended for nutritionists, counselors, social workers, and other medical or mental health professionals who seek knowledge about ethical issues related to treatment resistant anorexia.

Course Objectives:

  1. List services associated with psychiatric palliative care.

  2. Explain legal and ethical issues related to involuntary treatment.

  3. Describe what factors are associated with treatment resistant anorexia.

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