Becoming a Solution Detective: Identifying Your Clients' Strengths in Practical Brief Therapy

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About the Course:

This book is a practical, how-to guide for therapists, counselors, social workers, psychologists, nurses, and other professionals who are interested in making their practice solution-focused — quickly and effectively. The authors, co-founders of the Brief Therapy Group in Dublin, Ireland, demystify the process of psychotherapy, making the concept of solution-based therapy accessible and relevant through case examples, practice exercises, and role-plays. The book’s hands-on approach allows practitioners to adopt the authors’ simple, self-teaching style and apply it to their work with clients.


John sharry, Psy.D., Brendan Madden, MA., & Melissa Darmody, Psy.D.

About the Author:

Dr. Sharry is principal social worker at the department of Child and Family Psychiatry in the Mater Hospital and a Director of the Brief Therapy Group in Dublin. He is co-author and producer of Parents Plus Programmes, a book and video-based series that combines the traditional social learning ideas around behavior management with a solution-focused framework.

Brendan Madden is a psychologist and therapist with extensive experience in the field of brief therapy and EAP counseling services. Together with his colleagues he has published in national and international journals in the field of counseling and therapy.

Dr. Melissa Darmody is a counseling psychologist with experience in the development and delivery of EAP services.

Course Objectives:

  1. to have an “experiential” sense of solution-focused therapy

  2. to explain critical concepts of solution-focused therapy

  3. to describe the author’s developmental steps for applying solution-focused therapy

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