Correctional Mental Health Handbook

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About the Course:

The Correctional Mental Health Handbook is the first book to offer a comprehensive overview of the services provided by correctional mental health professionals for the various populations found in correctional programs and facilities. Edited by Thomas J. Fagan and Robert K. Ax, experts with over 40 years of correctional mental health experience, this unique handbook is divided into three sections. The first section provides a flexible model for organizing mental health services based on staffing levels, facility mission, and local need. The second section considers typical offender problems in many correctional systems and how they are customarily managed. The third section presents various clinical and consultative activities offered by mental health professionals within correctional settings.

A distinguished group of practitioners and scholars combine years of experience and cutting-edge research to examine: the ethics of correctional mental health practice,
practitioner roles within the correctional community,
core mental health services for both single offenders and special need groups, program planning and release preparation for inmates, mental health services offered to institution staff, training hostage and crisis negotiators, and future trends in correctional mental health. This indispensable text explains the general characteristics and treatment needs of specific inmate populations including: substance dependent offenders, female offenders, sexual predators, and juvenile offenders.


Thomas J. Fagan, Ph.D. and Robert K. Ax, Ph.D.

About the Author:

Thomas J. Fagan, Ph.D. is a licensed clinical psychologist and American Psychological Association Fellow. He currently consults with correctional and law enforcement agencies on a variety of mental health and crisis management issues and is an adjunct psychology professor at two Virginia colleges. For many years, he was a psychology practitioner and administrator in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, where he actively participated in the development of correctional programs and mental health policies and procedures and where he trained professional, paraprofessional, and correctional staff. He has published regularly in correctional and psychological journals, has authored several book chapters, and is a nationally recognized trainer of law enforcement personnel. He currently serves on the editorial board of the Journal of Correctional Health Care and represents the American Psychological Association on the National Commission on Correctional Health Care’s board of directors.

Robert K. Ax, Ph.D., received his doctorate in clinical psychology from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. He has worked in corrections for nearly 20 years, providing direct services and administering an American Psychological Association (APA)-accredited internship program. He served as president (2001-2002) of Division 18 (Psychologists in Public Service) of the APA and is also an APA Fellow.

Course Objectives:

  1. mnmnb

  2. identify the administrative, organizational, and ethical issues relevant to Mental Health Services in a correctional setting.

  3. identify typical offender problems in many correctional systems and how they are customarily managed.

  4. explain various clinical and consultative activities offered by mental health professionals within correctional settings.

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