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Approval in Michigan

Michigan Board of Counseling does not require continuing professional education. However you are certainly welcome to use, safe in the knowledge that you'll be taking approved courses relevant to your practice!

Applies To:

  • Michigan Counselors

Michigan law for Counseling does not require continuing education for renewal.

Board Contact Info

Michigan Board of Counseling
Sixth Floor, Lewis Cass Building
320 South Walnut Street
Lansing, Michigan 48913
517-373-3740 (Option 4),4601,7-154-35299_63294_27529_27536—-,00.html

View All Courses Michigan Board of Counseling accepts individual courses only. Currently 425 of our courses are available for counselors licensed by Michigan Board of Counseling. These are just a few examples!

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We do our best keep our information current, but state laws sometimes change without notice. Please remember it is your responsibility for interpreting your state's laws, licensure requirements, course relevancy and all requirements for your state.

If you are aware of a change in your requirements that is not shown here, please let us know!

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